Step 4

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The fourth stage is final. After completion of work over the project and written confirmation by the Customer of his termination in the section "FEEDBACK FORM", The customer pays the performed work.
After confirmation of the fact of payment the Customer receives archive with the project on the e-mail and instructions for his connection.

All received recommendations will be considered at implementation of the project and control of his course from the Customer.
When the Customer fixes completion of works, he notes this fact in the section "FEEDBACK FORM" and passes for payment works. 
For payment it is possible to use various payment service providers.
After confirmation of transfer of funds for the account of the performer, the Customer gets the performed work by e-mail. 
The performer is ready to provide any consultation on placement of the project on the website and to rules of his use.

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About technology

The creation of 3D projects, wich are based on WebGL technology has a lot of advantages associated with multi-browser support and ability to demonstrate the design and the operation of complex systems.

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