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On the first step it is necessary to get acquainted with two options of the offered three-dimensional presentations and to choose those which are necessary for you ("PORTFOLIO"). 
We offer two options of templates:"CATALOGUE of COMPONENTS" and "STEP-BY-STEP PROCEDURES".
After choosing options of a template it is necessary to execute the order for what to use the interface on the page "ORDER"
After pressing the "Buy" button, there will be a table with the order in which it is necessary to specify the number of the ordered demonstrations and confirm the order, having  pressed the "Issue the Order" button.
After the execution of the order we will contact you and we will send you the order's number according to which further and our work will be conducted. In the course of registration registration on the website will be offered you, it is important as further communication will be conducted by means of a form "FEEDBACK FORM", which is available in the main menu only to the registered users.
The final cost of works will make a reservation in the course of specification of their final volume. After your consent issued by means of written confirmation in shape "FEEDBACK FORM", we start implementation of the order.


The CATALOGUE of COMPONENTS is the three-dimensional interactive 3D presentation showing composition of a product and allowing to gain in an interactive mode an impression about construction of a product.
In the course of operation with demonstration the opportunity is given:

  • interactive interaction with product objects (separation, a choice by clicking mice, rotation);
  • navigation in a three-dimensional scene (rotation, scaling, shift) executed by means of mouse buttons;
  • interactive interaction with the lines in the table containing the name of elements of a product (a choice by clicking mouse).

Download demonstration


The STEP-BY-STEP PROCEDURE is the three-dimensional interactive 3D presentation showing the sequence of actions with a product or the sequence of the training or other character. The procedure allows to examine in the interactive mode the shown process and gives an opportunity:

  • interactive interaction with the displayed product on each step of the procedure (the choice of distance and a perspective of viewing, the choice of a concrete step or viewing on a pause);
  • viewing of comments and the special information specifying the shown actions;
  • interactive interaction with the lines in the table containing the name of steps of the procedure (the choice by clicking mice) and with kontroly managements of demonstration reproduction.

Download demonstration

About technology

The creation of 3D projects, wich are based on WebGL technology has a lot of advantages associated with multi-browser support and ability to demonstrate the design and the operation of complex systems.

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